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Take the Winter Season by Storm. ❄️


You gentlemen had an overwhelming request for an overcoat styling write up in our last newsletter segment. But did you know the coldest times of the year are typically in January and February? Well it took me a while to learn this. And growing up, I always incorrectly associated the Winter season with November and December 😭, thanks to Christmas Movies like ‘Home Alone’ 🏡. But now that we all know better (hopefully), gearing up for the chilliest days ahead, is certainly worth a conversation.

I have always been a fan of overcoats, for the simple fact of how distinguished they instantly make you look, especially in comparison to other cold weather options, like puffer jackets or fleece pullovers. Sure they’ll keep you warm, but when it comes to looking suave…they don’t even stand a chance. And I’m sure most of you stylish Gents already own an overcoat or two. So whether it’s for work or your weekly hangout, here are 7 different looks to get the best out of those layers.

  1. Over a Suit - This one is arguably my favorite. And if you work with clients or in a professional office environment, it’ll instantly command the respect you deserve. If the weather isn’t too frigid or you’d like a little more comfort, you could even trade the suit jacket for a vest instead. Just remember to keep things simple, and that means non-vibrant colors with a pair of well shined brown or black leather shoes.

  1. With a Denim Vest - This is another one of my favorites. And most guys are not quite hip to this layering technique. But if you do a little research on stylish lads in the Euro region, you’ll quickly discover that this is one of the most stylish ways to wear an overcoat. The denim texture paired with wool fabrics, creates a strikingly interesting combination, that sets a solid foundation, for a sophisticated casual ensemble. This pairing is perfect for a casual outing, or relaxed office environment.

    Where to find a denim vest? You don’t have to. Get your hands on an old denim jacket in your closet, thrift, or nearby store and trim off the sleeves with a pair of scissors. This style also works great with a quilted vest.

  1. With Suede Chelsea Boots - We’ve just covered texture combinations, and in the same way that a denim jacket pairs perfectly with an overcoat, a suede boot screams casual elegance, especially when paired with an overcoat…and in any color, pattern or cut. Stick to a tailored pair of denim, khaki or cargo pants, and you’ve got yourself a fail-proof winter uniform for casual hangouts at your favorite bars. As for underneath layering, keep it simple with a turtleneck or crewneck sweater and/or casual button down shirt.

  1. With Athletic Sneakers - Trying to run errands without looking overly shabby? Just lace up any sneaker with your overcoat, and you’ll instantly solve that conundrum. Although not pictured below, I typically love the sneaker + overcoat pairing with a hooded sweatshirt. The trilogy flows really well together to create a sporty laid back ensemble. A crewneck sweater is also a safe option depending on the occasion.

  1. With a Fedora – For those moments where you’re trying to make a splash, complimenting your overcoat with a Fedora is always a guarantee to steal the show. Yes! Every single time. This pairing seems to work best with rubber soled boots, and keeps the outfit stylish but not too uptight. And as for the classic brim, it will do wonders to illustrate your distinguished style. My favorite thing about this pairing, is how easy and effortless it makes dressing up for nightlife. And we all know how challenging that can be. 🕺🏽

6. With a Ball Cap – Sports Bars. This is the move, especially with NFL playoffs upon us. You can take your casual styling up a notch by simply throwing on a ball cap over a classy overcoat. Any pair of casual boots or sneakers will work great. And remember, when it comes to ball caps, aim for a combination that compliments or contrasts each other. For instance a Black or Navy Detroit Lions Cap with a Camel Overcoat. Lastly, think outside the box and go with a vintage themed cap if you can. So get your butt on Google and get to searching. You never know what one-of-a-kind items you may stumble upon.

  1. With a Fisherman Beanie – This one’s a bonus and a way to sneak in some interesting color to your casual outfits with headgear. A fedora can be too classy, and a ball cap too sporty to catch the train, or drive to work, and stroll into the office on a weekday. Or perhaps you’re on a date, or hanging out with friends and are looking to stay warm but with something in between. Keep it neutral with a shade or grey, or add a subtle color with a hint of navy or green. Mustard, and Burnt Orange are also great choices and a beanie staple for menswear. I’ll be sure to have those additional beanie colors for you lads this coming fall. Also, be on the lookout for the next Youtube video, on ‘How to Elevate your Winter Style with a Fisherman Beanie’.  

As you can see, I’ve combined a few of the tips above with this style, and you too can do the same. Take advantage of season and play with a few looks that fit your lifestyle. And if you don’t already own an overcoat, well…you know what to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, and newsletter suggestions are always welcome. Jump in the survey below, and let me know which theme you loved the most and also what you’d like to see next. Until next time family!

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