A Formal Introduction to our latest additions 🍁

Beanies, Overshirts, Cargos and much more! 😃

What’s up Family,

The cooler climates are drawing even closer, and so I’ve got some exciting news to share. As you’re probably already aware, here at S-Gents, we aren’t huge fans of a ‘new collection’ for every season. Reason being, we are committed to timeless seasonality for each and every item we design and produce. In other words, each article of clothing should not only last, but be in style for years to come. Or as the new kids on the block like to call it… ‘Old Money Aesthetic’. Nonetheless, I’d like to take this opportunity to walk you through our newest additions to the collection.

1. Fisherman Beanies

I’ve been a huge fan of beanies for as long as I can remember and have been styling and shooting with them for a while now. It’s a great accessory to add a slight touch of color and texture to almost any outfit. Even better, it’s great for all day wear, when the fitment is on point. We were having a really hard time finding good options on the market. They were usually too tight, too big, or poor in construction. We kept getting questions on where to find quality beanies, and so we decided to create some. Our Fisherman beanies boast a distinctive 2 x 2 cable knit pattern, and longer in length requiring a ‘double fold’ for a snug fit. This ensures you are able to recreate your own perfect fitment, by simply adjusting the size of your fold. They are also constructed from a Cashmere Merino Wool blend to ensure utmost stretch and comfort. But more importantly, to be breathable enough for all day wear, while keeping you insulated from chilly winds ahead. We are starting this collection off with two of the most versatile classic colors; Navy and Green.

2. Solid Overshirts

Last Fall we added our Overshirt Collection to the mix, and I must say they’ve been a huge success. They’re extremely easy to wear and layer with, and literally take all the guess work out of Fall + Winter Style. If I dare to insist that the Field Jacket is a Swiss army knife in your closet, then the Overshirt is simply a first cousin… designed with reinforced, quilted heavier weighted material from a comfortable, medium weight wool blend. These have been quite a popular layering option for apparent reason, and we only had one oversight during our initial design process…not including solid color options. So this year we are including 4 solid colors into the mix: Black, Brown, Grey and Pastel Blue. Perfect for those with a more conservative approach and desire to rock this item to the workplace or more professional environment. Again, these pair well with absolutely anything; from High Top Sneakers to Lace Up Boots.

This one is hands down my favorite. If you catch me in person, there’s a 75% chance I’ll be locked into a quilted vest …

~ F.Lawson

3. The Quilted Vest

This one is hands down my favorite. If you catch me in person, and in the cooler part of the year, there’s a 75% chance I’ll be locked into a quilted vest and lace up boots. As creative director, my days and weeks are ‘extremely’ unpredictable. From working on designs, to being on set at photo/video shoots, or simply running errands for whatever it is the business requires. A good vest makes sure I’m staying warm without restricting my movement. Because this has literally been a game changer for me, especially during the work week, I felt an obligation to bring this item back and include it as a staple offering. Oh … and on the days temperatures drop even lower, they make for a perfect 3rd layer to wear underneath your blazer or coat, or over most short length jackets like I’ve done here. The SG Quilted Vest are currently available in Navy, Black, and Tangerine.

4. Slim Cargos

We love trousers. And we love denim. But sometimes, the perfect choice is something in between. Not too formal, and not too casual … but rigid enough for a long work day, and can perfectly house a solid pair of lace up boots. That choice is more often than not, a pair of stretch khaki trousers. But how do you make a pair of khaki trousers even better? Simple, keep a formal trouser cut, use a durable fabric, and then add some cool side and flap pockets. Then: Boom! 💥 It’s always been a head-scratcher to me, as to why a pair of solid built cargo pants are hard to find. But we’ve been working on this for quite some time, precisely over 2 years, so it all makes sense now and here we FINALLY are.

We’ve also added an ankle zipper to transition from a slim tapered leg to boot cut fitment in the blink of an eye, to make for perfect combination with boots or mid-top sneakers, however you choose to style it. Cargos are currently available for Pre-Order, with an estimated arrival and ship date of October 15th , 2023.

5. Ankle Boots

If you are part of S-Gents family, which…clearly you are. 😉 Then you are well aware, that boots are part of our DNA. The goal here was to add an upscale ‘lace up’ boot to the mix. One that is sophisticated enough to blend well with formal trousers, but everything else as well. (Like Cargos Haha). Also included in the design process was a durable and comfortable rubber lug sole, fit enough to survive the urban streets and transition into the office environment. We also added an ankle zip, that allows for easy access in and out of the boot with minimal effort. Yes I know that struggle of lacing up your boot, or struggling to kick them off after a long night out. 😭

Oh did I mention that they are blake stitched and resoleable? Meaning with proper care these should literally last you a life time. After years of wear, simply take your boot to your local shoe hospital and they’ll stitch on a new tire track sole for ya, and shine up that calf skin leather back to new. Timeless Classics, remember? 😉

6. The Biker Jacket

The Biker Jacket has been a customer favorite each and every year, and one that we struggle to keep in stock. For our initial release of the Rogue Biker Jacket, our focus was on creating a ‘budget friendly’ item. A quality jacket, at a price point that wouldn’t break the bank. However the downside to that, is that we are forced to use a synthetic leather which unfortunately cracks and peels after a few years of consistent use. So, for those who love the fitment and quality of the initial Biker, and are looking for a level up on quality, we’re adding this signature biker to the mix. Same pristine fitment, and upgraded materials with 100% Sheepskin Leather that’s light in weight and also allows for a ton of durability, stretch, and comfort. We’ve also add a waist snap adjustment for a tapered fitment, for Gents with slimmer athletic torsos.


Boot Restock Update

And that’s everything we’ve got for this coming season. Well almost. We’re still awaiting the restock of our upgraded V2 Sport Boots. Sadly, our Spanish manufacturers have run into some difficulties with producing the new styles, but they’ve promised a ship date of end of October, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

We can’t wait to get those to you as well, to pair with all the wonderful new releases. And honestly, I’m most excited to see how you stylish Gents put these items together yourselves, as you lads never fail to surprise us. Keep those tagged photos coming in at @s_gents, as I’m always eager to share them. You can also submit a photo review via our website for 10% OFF a future purchase. In the meantime, we’ll be filming and shooting some game-changing Fall + Winter looks with all of the items above. If you’d like to see a GRWM video of this outfit simply click HERE. (GRWM ~ Get Ready With Me)

Oh and one more thing. We are in the planning phases of our NFL style video and I really need your input to help finalize. For this project, what would you like to see more? A classy photography session with a newsletter write up, or a well filmed 5 min Youtube Video? Please place a vote below and we’ll get str8 to work.

How would you like the NFL Fan Styling to be curated? 🏈

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