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Your Gentlemanhood has never mattered more. ❤️


What does it mean to be a Gentleman?

It’s quite difficult to put in words, what a Gentleman really is. Some pick out a gentleman by the way he dresses, by the way he speaks, and some by the way he treats others. However, Websters Dictionary defines the word Gentleman as, a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.

Back in 2012, when the idea to start this brand initially crossed my mind, the goal was to create a platform that would inspire men around the world to embark on an endless pursuit, of a progressive way of life. But none of this really matters in a world where all humanity is lost, and instead littered with anger, hatred, bigotry and destruction. And what sense does it make being…”all dressed up with no place to go?”

Ok. But what’s all the fuss about?

Since the unfortunate attack on Israeli civilians by the Hamas Militia group on October 7th , it feels like the world hasn’t quite been the same. This resulted in over 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians being killed, as well as the capture of approximately 200 Israeli hostages. The aftermath of those events, have set the stage for a full fledged military retaliation in Gaza by The Israel Defense Force. This has led to an estimated 6,500 civilian casualties, with children confirmed to be over 1,000 of those deaths. I and the rest of the SG team, have been deeply saddened by the loss of every one of these lives. And it feels highly irresponsible, insensitive, and inhumane to continue writing to you all about style, in the wake of misfortunes such as these.

The disturbing images of those that have been subject to collateral damage, are extremely hard to watch, and have been floating around social media. However, and despite how grotesque, it is necessary to witness such atrocities, in order to bring the proper amount of awareness and a high sense of urgency to these tragedies. Viewer discretion is advised as the situation is quite graphic.. but feel free to visit one of many accounts here, to get a glimpse of the severity of the situation. (@eye.on.palestine)

What does it matter anyway?

As a Father to 3 and 1 year old boys, losing one of these little souls, would cause an unimaginable level of pain, that, without the shadow of a doubt I would never recover from. And my deepest condolences go out to anyone who has had to endure this type of loss. Minute by minute, citizens of Gaza are facing a barrage of bombing air strikes. Sadly, this is an ongoing event, and it breaks my heart knowing that there will be another 200+ casualties by the time I conclude this email. According to NPR, children account for nearly 50% of Gaza’s population, and many of the deceased were comprised of newborns, infants and children all under the age of 12. The death toll is beyond staggering, and continues to rise every waking hour.

If there is one thing I truly hope we can all agree on, it’s that women and children, do not deserve to die for the transgressions of others.

F. Lawson

As an ally, our U.S. Government has pledged full support with the Israeli Government, on its fight against Hamas terrorist, administering monetary aid and military defense weapons. And while I fully condemn any and all acts of terrorism, if there is one thing I truly hope we can all agree on, is that innocent civilians, namely women, elderly, and children do not deserve to die for the transgressions of others.

Making a Case for Change.

This is by no means an attempt to be political, but instead a call for ALL Gentlemen on this mailing list, to be good stewards of humanity…and help save a child’s life. Or two. Or three. Or hundreds. Furthermore, with tensions rising across the globe, it’s in our best interest to weigh in on our country’s leadership or lack thereof, and to avoid further escalations of War, that could inevitably land at our very own doorsteps. I know it probably feels like we are all just ordinary people, with no leverage in a situation as daunting as this. But there is strength in numbers, and collectively, I do believe we can and will make a change.

As such, I’m asking that you join in on efforts of bringing about a CEASE Fire on Palestinian Children in Gaza. Regardless of your ethnicity or religion, whether you’re Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or otherwise, there has never been a greater call for your Gentlemanhood, Leadership, and Courage. Because somewhere out there, precisely 5,000 miles away, there is a child praying and hoping you will make a difference, and that he or she may live to see another day. ❤️‍🩹

  1. Spread awareness. And it doesn’t have to be public. Start the conversation in peer & friend groups. Let others who are uninformed, become aware of the current situation at hand.


  2. Reach out to a notable friend – If you have a personal relationship with a celebrity, or someone with large influence or platform, consider asking them to spread awareness, and join in the efforts.

  3. Contact your Congressional Representative – Click here to find your congressional district and representative. Call his or her office to make a complaint, or write them a letter.


  4. Demand a Cease Fire - Click here to learn more about demanding an immediate Cease Fire and the allowance of humanitarian aid into Gaza. You’ll also find assistance with writing and sending your letter electronically.

Needless to say, at this time it’s not about Southern Gents™, but instead about channeling your inner Southern Gentleman. It’s never easy to take a stand, but I strongly believe that risking personal gain in exchange for a better tomorrow, is far greater than enjoying the temporary comfort of silence today. Keep spreading peace and love, and I’ll catch you good men…and women next week. ❤️


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