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In all my years of garment design, product development and styling - whether it’s for myself, celebrities, or in-house models, I’ve noticed that putting together a flawless outfit usually comes down to one major aspect…Fitment. And with the rise in different fitment aesthetics like relaxed, skinny, box cut and oversized over the past couple of years, things can get really confusing pretty quickly. But the truth of the matter is this; when it comes to proper menswear attire - ‘Trouser fitment is King’.

In our latest Youtube video, I am exploring all the nuances that plague us Gents, when it comes to ‘How our Trousers’ should fit, or better yet, how we’d like them to fit. And don’t worry, I’ll refrain from making today’s newsletter a spoiler, but here is a quick summary and highlight below.

How our pants fit, has to do with 3 key elements. Waist Fitment, pant length, and body cut, and in that respective order. The foundation to any good fitting jeans or trousers begins at the waist. Second, your pant length speaks volumes about how you present yourself. It could be the difference in whether you’re viewed as a slouch, or the most stylish guy in the office or your friend group. Or to make matters worse, on a first date. Yikes! 😬 

Your pant length speaks volumes about you and could be the difference in whether you’re viewed as a slouch, or the most stylish guy in your office or friend group.


And lastly, how to get the perfect fit for your body type. Should you go for a slim, tapered, or a wider relaxed cut? 🤔 As you can see, getting that perfect fitment is literally a science, and to a certain degree a matter of preference. 

My goal for this video is to not only help you find your own perfect pant fitment, but to also have the tools to replicate that perfect fitment…every single time. No matter where you shop or what items you buy, minor alterations are necessary to help refine clothing items to suit your body perfectly, and in turn get as many wears out of them as possible. Case in point, you should ‘love’ the clothes you choose to live in.

Let me know your thoughts on this video, and if you found it helpful. Also feel free to make a video suggestion or request, on the next style topic you’d like to see. All ideas are welcome. Simply leave a note in the comment section of the Youtube Video. Until next time good Gents, and Ladies as well.



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