How to look 'cool' in shorts. 🩳

Beat the heat in style.

It’s the season for those festive summer brunch parties 🌤️, poolside hangouts, patio dinner dates plus much more. And with scorching temperatures around the corner, it’s safe to say that for us Gents, ‘wearing shorts’ is in our very near future…that is of course, if we haven’t already begun. After numerous requests, we’ve finally given in to creating a Shorts themed styling guide for your wardrobe pleasures, all Spring & Summer. And by the way, many thanks to you all, as our ‘9 Spring + Summer Essentials’ video has already amassed over 100,000 views in less than a month.

In this latest video, I am covering all the challenges we men face, when it comes to wearing and looking our very best in shorts. Because dressing comfortably, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Here, I’m discussing and giving a run down on:

  • How your shorts should fit

  • Different inseams & short lengths

  • Finding shorts to fit your body type

  • Fabrics to choose from when buying shorts

  • Footwear that looks best and most stylish with shorts

  • And many more tips to look your absolute best while wearing shorts

Best of all, for this segment, I’ve personally styled 6 outfits for 6 very different occasions, in hopes to get the very best out of your shorts all Spring + Summer. From stylish knit polo pairings, to camp collar and lightweight jackets, all bases are covered here.

This one is definitely one of my favorites, so if you’re looking to keep your style pristine, even through the summer heat…then I can’t wait for you to tune in. As always be sure to drop a comment on the video, to share some feedback, and what you’d like to see next.

Also, if you’re in need or in the mood for any new pick ups, here’s a code to save 10% OFF your entire order with code ‘LastChance’ at checkout. Here’s to serving you even better, from carefully curated styling inspiration…to delivering quality products. 🍻



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How to look ‘cool’ in shorts

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