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Recession Proof Style • 9 Essentials for Spring + Summer 🌤️

Back to the Basics.

Let’s face it. Being your best self can be challenging these days. And with accessibility at our fingertips, there’s the never ending cycle of news, plus constant barrage of markdown sales and marketing offers, compounded by social media feed updates every minute of the day. It’s no news that we live in an era, where we find ourselves constantly inundated with messaging. It sometimes feels like we know everything, yet nothing at the same time.

With all the madness, it can be very easy to lose sense of your personal taste, style, and even aspirations overnight. But for me… it’s always been about classics over everything. Somehow, I’ve always found comfort in living a life inspired by ‘self-improvement’ while staying true to my own core beliefs and personal ethos. I can honestly say, that has been the foundational pillar of the Southern Gents brand. And yes, sometimes that can mean changing or evolving…for the better. But it should never mean chasing popular but fleeting trends, or constantly pandering to appease others. 

So what’s the point? In a noisy world, like we live in today, it can be hard to go back to the basics or have a solid foundation. Hell, even the word ‘basic’, has somehow found its way to become a rather derogatory term. As we approach Spring & Summer, I have always found it to be the most difficult time of the year to dress for. If you happen to reside in the South, then you aren’t a stranger to the scorching hot and unforgiving summer heat. Here, the idea of looking nice is often thrown out the window, at the expense of optimizing for comfort. And with the aforementioned endless breaking news, hardship rearing its ugly head, and the economy proving yet again to be ever-challenging and unpredictable, keeping your appearance together can quickly become the least bit of your concern.

I’ve never subscribed to the idea of letting yourself go, so I thought long and hard about what exactly it means, to ‘Get back to the Basics’. In other words, what would I say to my younger self, about owning a few fail-proof pieces, that can transform any guy’s wardrobe….from work to play, from day to night, and without breaking the bank?! After a couple sleepless nights, and more than a few self debates, I landed on 9 foundational pieces which I’ve carefully covered in our latest SG Style Video. 

This one is a full wardrobe overhaul, where we’re discussing everything from footwear choices, to business and casual wear, that are key to helping you dress better any day of the week. Life is hard enough. And as men, we often carry a mental burden that few understand 🧠. I truly believe personal style can be therapeutic for the soul, and an outlet to experience just a bit of joy each and every day. And best of all, you don’t have to go for broke doing it. So whether you’re reorganizing your closet with some spring cleaning, or looking to invest in the right pieces, understanding a few key fundamentals could make all the difference, and really have you looking your best for years to come. I hope you enjoy this video, and that at the very least, it brings you an ounce of happiness & inspiration.

As always, don’t hesitate to let me know what you’d like to see next, and how we can serve you better in the comment section. And no… it doesn’t have to be strictly about style. Anything masculinity is fair game. It’s a tough time for many, but remember…life is what we make it and no one’s coming to save us. It’s not time to be down & out, but instead a perfect time to be inspired…and to re-define, re-design and then build… a new normal.



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