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The most stylish NFL Fan on the Block | Part 1 🏈

A Classic guide to Sporty GQ Style.


It’s the middle of October and you’re headed to your favorite Brunch spot with a group of friends, for some good eats, mimosas, and to watch your team ball OUT on NFL Sunday. You’d like to look stylish of course, but you want the world to know where your allegiance stands… and that your team will be Super Bowl LVIII winners 🏆. Haha! But here’s the tricky part. You know you need to play it cool and not overdo it. Sure you could just grab your favorite player’s jersey, or better yet a team shirt from your local sporting goods store and color block folks to death. But that isn’t exactly stylish or memorable is it?

And that’s the tricky part. How the heck are you going to look sporty and stylish… at the same damn time, without trying too hard? Well it’s your lucky day, because in this one I’m going to give you a run down on the basics of executing this styling, in a fail proof template. After the uncanny destruction of the Cowboys by the 49ers on National Television this past SNF, we’re gonna give San Francisco Fans a nod this episode, as we focus on their team colors for this write up. Sorry Cowboys fans 😬…if we're all being honest, they deserve it. But first, let’s revisit the steps we covered in the ‘How to Look Stylish Off The Clock’ newsletter from a few weeks back. To jog your memory, here’s a quick summary.

  1. Set a Foundation

  2. Commit to a Primary Theme

  3. The Building Blocks

  4. Complimentary Choices

  5. The Final Touches

Let’s start with the primary theme. For this occasion, it’s obviously about team spirit. And if you take a look at the 32 NFL team logos above, it’s all about accents. Color that is. With the exception of the Las Vegas Raiders, the majority of teams feature a combination or trilogy of different colors. You’ll notice that in aggregate, team colors range from a spectrum of light to dark, and are dictated by a primary color.

And the secret, is to treat your team’s primary color, as an accent to your outfit.

F. Lawson

In the case of the 49ers, the primary color happens to be a vibrant red, with secondary colors in gold and white. But how you implement these colors in your styling is what matters most. And the secret, is to treat your team’s primary color as an accent to your outfit. So let’s start by uniting our sports theme, with this simple 49ers Ball cap - which will help serve as the foundation to our outfit. You could also bring in your team’s primary color with a crewneck sweater, hoodie, or a short jacket like a varsity, bomber or overshirt jacket. And in that case, you would instead opt for a neutral colored cap or beanie, in black, navy, or white. Nonetheless, we’re rolling with a vibrant ball cap today, as it is the perfect sporting item and is always right on brand. Looks great in every color and boldly announces your team logo.

GREAT! Next we’ll play with the other secondary colors of our team, to serve as our building blocks. Because it’s likely to be chilly, a fine choice here would be a nice camel coat, in a single or double breasted cut. It’s a great color that gives a subtle nod, to the gold secondary color in the team uniform.

If your team primary color is on the darker end of the spectrum, a black or navy coat should work just fine. And here’s a perfect example of why it is important to own a few classic items due to their versatility, allowing you to dress them up or down. So if you already own an overcoat, great job and kudos to you, as you’re off to a good start. For bottoms, blue jeans are always a great choice for sporting events, although you can work with other colors like black, grey or white as well.

And as a complimentary choice, I’ll add a nostalgic ‘San Francisco’ crewneck sweatshirt to tie it all together. (Style tip: It doesn’t always have to be team apparel…just rep yo city!) To make this a great casual Thursday or Friday work outfit, simply add a white button down dress shirt underneath. Then throw on the ball cap after work, and swing to a festive bar for Thursday night Football.

Oh shoot, one more thing. The Kicks. You’ve got plenty of options honestly. From minimalist sneakers, athletic sneakers, crepe sole Chelsea boots e.t.c. All are great choices and it really comes down to your mood, preferences and the occasion.

For a night out at the bar, I’d likely go with my pair of Nike 77’ Vintage Blazers with a fierce Black swoosh. But for a Brunch or office environment, it would certainly have to be a pair of minimalist white sneakers. And here’s the final fit.

So what did you think? Let me know your thoughts in the poll below. Again, this is a great outfit for bar game watching or brunch hangouts. I’ll have a different styling option, that’s more suitable for actually attending the game or watching during nightlife. I’m still undecided, but the Eagles or the Ravens are likely up next. I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this write up, and I’ll catch you awesome Gents & Ladies next week. ✌🏾

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