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The ONE Jacket that looks good on EVERYONE. 👌🏾

Make wardrobe versatility your b*tch.

The cold fronts are fast approaching, and we’re all gonna be grabbing for our Fall layers here very shortly 🍁. Choosing what key item to layer with can sometimes be a chore. Trust me I understand this dilemma quite well…probably more than most. Whether it’s friends, family, customers, or celebrity clients, I spend most of my waking hours making recommendations to others, about how to look their best, in both warmer and cooler seasons. So I got to thinking, about one jacket that could come in handy almost year round, and for different life events. After much consideration, all roads kept leading back to one specific item… The Field Jacket.

As an entrepreneur, my schedule can be largely unpredictable. And if you are in the same boat, I’m sure you’d agree that wardrobe versatility is more important than ever. Even if you aren’t, with the pandemic behind us, it’s highly likely that some or all of your daily work duties, are being handled remotely. With all of our new highly inconsistent schedules, having essential items that can go from client or work meetings to travel or leisure, can be a huge game changer. And this my friends, is exactly why I am a stickler for this lightweight work of art, that looks good on anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Field Jacket is a Swiss Army knife in any Gentleman’s wardrobe.

~ F. Lawson 

The team and I have spent the past few weeks, putting together a new Youtube video to share why I’m bullish on a Field Jacket being a Swiss Army knife in any gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s the ONE item that can take you from Spring & Summer, down to Fall and the cusp of Winter depending on what climate you’re in. But I’d hate to spoil the rest of the show, and I think it’s much better you see this one for yourself. Needless to say, if keeping stylish during cooler temperatures or on the job is a struggle of yours, then this one’s for you. I surely hope we didn’t disappoint with this episode, so please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts or what video you’d like to see next, by simply leaving a note in the comment section of the Youtube Video.

The most memorable days of the year are around the corner, and there’s not better way than to enjoy it all in style. So back to my creative planning endeavors I go, as we’re working hard to serve you better. Be on the look out and stay tuned for more announcements coming soon.

PS: Results for NFL Team Style are in…🏈

It seems the Cowboys Fans have made their case known, coming in at first place for all votes 🥲. The San Francisco 49ers are runner up, with a hair finish between the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles securing 3rd Place. Very well then. Let’s see what we come up with style wise. It should be exciting. 😎 



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