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The Most Stylish NFL Fan on The Block | Part 2 🏈

How to create your OWN custom Team Jacket. 🔥


Things are heating up. It’s the last stretch of the 2023 NFL season, and we’re headed towards Week 14. Each game has increasing stakes, as the playoff picture begins to slowly reveal itself from the fog. You’ve scored some tickets to attend a big division game, or decided to catch it at a festive lounge on Sunday Night. Temperatures have dropped significantly, and you need a fire fit to root for the home team. Somehow you Gents always seem to be in the right place at the right time. 😎

Photo courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In Part 1 of this segment, we covered the basics of putting together a stylish but subtle team fit. Again, it’s all about ‘implementing your team logo and using your team color as an accent to your fit’. For this edition, we’re going to focus on an all black fit, of course with a team color accent. Why? Because every team has a blackout uni or at least close to it…and everything looks great in black. But don’t take my word for it, instead allow me the opportunity to illustrate this for you.

You’re a stylish guy, so you’re already quite familiar with statement pieces. Personally, I love them and live by them. They make dressing up much MUCH easier. And so I’ll be building my team fit this week with the classic SG Varsity Jacket in Black Stealth…and the Philadelphia Eagles team colors. Keep in mind that you could also pull this off with an outerwear vest, an overshirt or denim jacket. So let’s jump right into it.

Part of rooting for your team in one of a kind style, is having a nostalgic custom or vintage piece. It’s sure to help you stand out from the crowd. I had an extra Black Stealth varsity jacket laying around, so I figured why not transform this into an Eagles Team Jacket. The first step was to de-badge the jacket. I removed the ‘S’ lettering with a pair of scissors, by simply slicing underneath the patch to break the thread stitch. My goal was to re-brand this jacket in a subtle manner, with an Eagles Patch for chest placement and an NFL iron-on patch on the sleeve, both of which I scored online at Embrosoft.com and Ebay respectively.

I could have added more patches like the signature “EAGLES” font on the back panel of the jacket, but for my personal taste, less is always more. And although these are durable iron-on patches, I prefer to have them stitched on, so I took them to our local tailor, William, so that he can properly sew them on. When it comes to patches, it’s nice to have some peace of mind, and some assurance that you won’t be embarrassing yourself, with logos falling off in public. Yikes! Epic Fail. 😬

Now that I’ve got my own personal Eagles Jacket, it’s time to build the rest of the fit. It’s an all black fit, and as simple as it gets, so I won’t bore you with too many details. Black jeans would work fine, but just to make it a little bit more interesting, these slim cargos with patch pockets and ankle zippers are definitely a nicer touch.

If you also recall from the 49ers styling, souvenir like pieces, like a crewneck sweater, graphic t-shirts, caps work great for team styling. Try not not to stick with team apparel only. Be creative. You’d be surprised what an online search could land you, as there’s a ton of nostalgic pieces out there, created just for your city and what it’s known for. And it was impossible for me to pass up on this Philly themed hoodie, especially since I felt I was missing the signature green team accent and it’s exactly what the outfit needed. It’s hella soft & cozy too. There’s just something about the way a hoodie sticks out of a coat or jacket, especially when put together in a dapper ensemble.

Finally for my finishing touches, a pair of mid-top athletic sneakers is a fail proof move, so back to my faithful Nike 77’ Vintage Blazers I go. The reason why I love these sneakers so much, is because they’re one of the few athletic sneakers that perfectly capture sport + class and in a magnificent way. Plus, it’s always mid tops over lows for me, as they just seem to flow better with most casual and dressy fits…especially if you’re not on the super tall end of the spectrum.

Now one thing that most Gents are yet to discover, is that the Fedora and Sneakers combo is a whole vibe. So I’ll be reaching for my Geoffery Fedora in Camel. It’s literally the perfect addition to carve out your swag from the rest of stadium, bar or nightclub. Pairing your fedora with the right sneakers, balances everything out just perfectly, for that casual sophisticated aesthetic.

It’s literally the perfect addition to carve out your swag from the rest of stadium, bar or nightclub.

F. Lawson

It’ll literally makes you look both sporty & classy at the same damn time. And if you’re not into Fedoras, no problem. There’s always the traditional ball cap, but you could also opt for a neutral colored beanie if wearing a loud accent color, or an accent colored beanie if wearing dark or neutral colors. Keep your team logo on your chest however. It’ll make for the boldest dapper statement. 😉

And that’s it. A killer look that’ll turn heads, and have everyone questioning their wardrobe choices for the rest of the night. Simply kick back and enjoy the game, and let the compliments roll in. All you need is for the team to secure this dub, so you can celebrate the rest of the night in style.

Remember you can do this with a puffer or quilted vest, or overshirt. If you’re working with an overshirt, simply place a logo patch over a pocket, or take your right pocket off altogether and replace it with your team logo.

I’ve also compiled a couple of great picks to get started below. You can do this with your favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, or NCAA Team. So regardless of your home team or which team you’re a fan of, there’s definitely a piece for everyone.

Feel free to reply to this email or use the chat support feature on the website if you have questions and need help building your own personal jacket. 🍻



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